Fully sharia-based Hajj Financing. Easy, quick and secure application procedure.

Secure your Hajj number portion earlier in fulfilling your Pilgrimage.

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Financing Procedure
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Required Documents
Required Documents Employee Professional Enterpreneur
Copy of ID Card
Copy of Spouse's ID Card (if already married)
Copy of Marriage Certificate (if already married)
Copy of Family Card
Copy of TIN
Copy of Spouse's TIN (if already married)
Copy of Bank Statement
Copy of Pay Slip    
Copy of Practice License    
Copy of Business License  
Copy of Electricity/Phone Bill


Installment Loan
Years Installment/month
1 Rp. 2.750.000,-
2 Rp. 1.450.000,-
3 Rp.  1000.000,-
4 Rp.    790.000,-
5 Rp.   690.000,-

*)exclude admin fee Rp 1.000.000