Requirements Document
Requirements Document

Submit & attach the documents below for a fast and quality financing process

No Dokumen Debitur Badan Usaha Debitur Perorangan Debitur Professional
1 Lease Application Form M M M
2 A copy of the Articles of Association + the Changes M - -
3 A copy of the certificate of ratification by the Minister of Justice M - -
4 A copy of Trade Business License (SIUP) M - -
5 A copy of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP) M - -
6 A copy of Company Registration Certificate (TDP) M M M
7 A copy of Certificate of Company Domicile (SKDP) M - -
8 A copy of Management’s Residential Identity Card (KTP) M - -
9 A copy of the Applicant's + Partner's (Husband/Wife) Residential Identity Card (KTP) - M M
10 A copy of Family Card and Marriage Certificate (KK & Akta Nikah) - M M
11 A copy of the guarantee documents (sale & leaseback, built-up unit/used unit), which are (Fulfillment as needed based on unit type):
a.    A copy of the invoice (Authorized Dealer/Supplier)
b.    A copy of Import document (CBU Unit for HE, Machinery)
c.    A copy of Proof of Motor Vehicle Ownership (BPKB & STNK)
d.    A copy of Form A
12 Documents showing the source of income M M M
13 A copy of the bank account transaction of the last 3 months M M M
14 Financial report (submission> 5 billion) M - -
15 Practice License - - M
16 Dealer Offer  M M M
17 A copy of the invoice (Bill USED)  M M M
18 Import Documents (PIB, Bill of Lading, SP Tax) M M M
19 Unit specifications and equipment  M M M
20 Unit Ownership Data owned M M M