Code Of Ethics
Penetapan Kode Etik dan Standar Perilaku


In implementing Good Corporate Governance and achieving the Corporate’s vision and mission, the Corporate’s human resource behavior is a very important factor. Therefore, Corporate has established a policy of Code of Conduct & Corporate Values, as a guideline for the behavior of the Company's HR. The Code of Conduct & Corporate Values at the Corporate refers to or observes the code of ethics and work culture set at the business group level.


Ethical standards are a value system that is respected by every rank of PT MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia in the form of:

►  Norms that are used as guidelines by the Corporate.

►  The attitude and actions of the Corporate, including employees in dealing with parties outside the Corporate.

►  The attitude of leaders and employees in the Corporate related to duties, positions, and authority.

Kriteria Nilai dan Budaya yang wajib diterapkan di Lingkungan Perseroan


The Corporate’s values and culture consist of VISION, SPEED, and QUALITY.



Definition: A view to the future to create business opportunities and win markets (become the market leader).

►  Developing a business on an ongoing basis.

►  Consistently following the development of the business world in a smart and critical manner.

►  Daring to take business opportunities to be an advanced Corporate.

►  Thinking and planning in the long term.

►  Applying the principle of innovation in planning.

►  Running an HR development program as part of organizational development.

►  Optimizing business results as value added for the stakeholders.

►  Developing technology-based businesses.

►  Consistently keeping up with technology.

►  Upgrading technology based on the development of the business world.

►  Creating technological innovations.

►  Implementing Governance

►  Consistently applying the Code of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct.

►  Being professional and independent in working and managing a business.

►  Creating a monitoring and control system to produce a good business performance.

►  Nationalism-based business development.

►  Carrying out business practices which aimed to build the nation.

►  Conducting national human resource development to improve competitiveness in the global market.

►  Empowering local resources in business practices.

►  Profusely considering the fundamental of benefits and good for the nation and state in business activities.

►  Produce innovative works that are the pride of the nation and state.

►  Transparency, independence, responsibility, accountability, and fairness in the conduct of business activities to create a conducive business climate.



Definisi : Totalitas untuk menjadi yang terbaik.

►  Totality of Resources.

►  Choosing and using superior resources.

►  Implementing a learning organization & knowledge management.

►  Become a continuously improved and self-learning individual.

►  Innovation as part of individual quality.

►  Cultivating the Extra Mile and hard working principle at work.

►  Applying the principle of Integrity, Persistence and Proactive.

►  The totality of the System and Process.

►  Using resources efficiently and effectively.

►  Using technology to accelerate processes and business results.

►  Creating and implementing standardization in every line of business processes.

►  Implementing an improving performance mechanism in every line of business processes.

►  Synergizing activities.

►  Developing an open, respectful, and mutually supportive communication and cooperation.

►  Prioritizing customer needs and satisfaction.



Definition: consistently faster and smarter creation in order to be at the forefront.

Speed in Planning

►  Carefully and quickly seeing the direction of business development.

►  Quickly taking opportunities.

►  Thinking agile and sharp.

►  Fastly solving problems that arise.

Speed in Serving

►  Completing faster than the deadline.

►  Responding to customer needs quickly.

►  Agilely and deftly carrying out processes and activities.

►  Trying to improve the duration of time in each process and activity.

►  Quickly adjusting the process/way of working to face changes.