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Wed, 10/17/2018

Targets Health Sector, MNC Leasing Targets to Give Loans to 500 Hospitals, Jakarta


The President Director MNC Leasing Paulus Cholot Janala said that through participating in this event, MNC Leasing is ready to help hospitals in providing the best services for the community. There are two financing programs prepared to cover medical devices and cooperates with BPJS Kesehatan for supply chain financing programs.

"This is one of the government programs in developing the health sector of the Indonesian community in which we take part. Currently, we provide two financing programs that cover hospital medical devices financing and supply chain financing," he said at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (10/17/2018). Paulus said that his participation in this event is very important as a form of medical funding support in Indonesia, especially since there are almost no competitors participating in this event.

"Thus far, supply change financing is mostly handled by government banks, while heavy equipment is mostly handled by Japanese Leasing Companies. However, there are almost no competitors participating in this event. This is a good branding opportunity," he said.

In the future, added Paulus, MNC Leasing will to try to continuously develop financing products owned and support equitable health services in Indonesia. In addition, on this year's event, his party also cooperates with MNC Life to provide and help the financing and operation of the hospitals. "We are pretty much cooperating for several items and medical equipment in order to help hospital services, especially the new hospital equipment," he explained.

Also, MNC Leasing targets to be able to provide loans for medical equipment and supply chains for 500 hospitals in Indonesia within the next three years. Until September, MNC Leasing recently provides loans to 50 hospitals centered in Depok, Bogor, Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek).

He is increasingly optimistic because his party has cooperated with BPJS Kesehatan which has a range of hospitals spread throughout Indonesia. "At least, we hope to reach 500 hospitals to help the government and also to have a better level of services. It is to improve the level of services," he explained.

According to Paulus, medical equipment financing for one hospital costs at least IDR 2 billion up to IDR 10 billion. Indeed this is the class C and D hospital financing.

"It depends on the hospital, at least IDR 2 billion and can be more than IDR 10 billion," he said. In addition, until September 2018 MNC Leasing has provided loans of IDR 1 trillion. Until the end of the year, he targets to be able to add another IDR 20 billion.

Meanwhile, the new hospitals’ financing contributes around 8% -10%, or worth around IDR 90 – 100 billion. "If we look at the potentials from year to year, the number of class C and D hospitals based on the government categories, especially public hospitals, is increasing. The number of hospitals that previously belong to this classes is also increasing in line with the increase of hospital needs," Paulus explained.

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