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Tue, 01/23/2024

Shandong Heavy Industry Group Holds Heavy Equipment Conference and Exhibition in Indonesia, Jakarta

Shandong Heavy Industry Group through its subsidiary, SINOTRUK, has officially invested in MNC Leasing. Shandong Heavy Industry Group officially held a Global Partner Conference. This is the 3rd meeting which was enlivened by an exhibition of the company's new heavy equipment products. Shandong Heavy Industry Group itself has several well-known companies in China such as Weichai Power, SINOTRUK, SHACMAN, Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agriculture, Shantui, Lovol Construction Machinery, Zhongtong Bus, Fast Transmission, and Hande Axle. This event was attended by more than 1,000 distributors and major clients of the company in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond. The activity took place at ICE BSD City, Tangerang Regency, Banten, Tuesday (23/1/2024).

As the country with the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia has been the main market for Shandong's heavy equipment industry for more than three decades. RI became the third country to host the Shandong Heavy Industry - Weichai Power's Global Partner Conference, after similar activities that took place in Central Asia and the Middle East. This conference aims to explore the potential for cooperation at the international level, open opportunities for mutually beneficial collaboration, and identify business development steps for industry.

Chairman and General Manager of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and Chairman of Weichai Power, Tan Xuguang gave a welcome and appreciation to 14 strategic partners. In his speech entitled "Collaboration to Maximize Value for Customers", in general he emphasized his party's commitment to customers and business continuity for the company's profitability. Tan also assured that Shandong Heavy Industry's products and services are fast and punctual. "We have the latest technology in our main features, especially regarding aspects of safety, comfort and environmental sustainability," said Tan in his speech, Tuesday (23/1/2024).

Shandong Heavy Industry Group is a heavy equipment giant based in Jinan, China. The company is a key player in the global industrial equipment sector, with annual revenues of USD 72 billion. The group owns several well-known brands including Weichai Power, China National Heavy Duty Truck, SHACMAN, Weichai Lovol Intelligent Agricultural Technology, Shantui Construction Machinery, and Zhongtong Bus. Furthermore, this corporation also has an investment portfolio with share ownership in a number of leading international entities such as Ferretti from Italy, KION Group and Linde Hydraulics from Germany, Dematic and PSI from the United States, and Moteurs Baudouin from France.

Shandong Heavy Industry Group operates in six main segments, namely electric power systems, commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, smart-logistics and marine transportation equipment. Shandong Heavy Industry has established technology innovation centers in more than 10 countries around the world, providing product and service solutions to more than 150 countries and regions. This includes heavy machinery and equipment, heavy-duty transmissions, heavy trucks, industrial forklifts, and luxury yachts which lead the market share globally in terms of technology and sales.

In recent years, Shandong Heavy Industry has increased its investment in the Southeast Asian market, creating added value for customers in the region, while providing mutually beneficial growth. Historical milestones that the company has achieved include machine sales which have exceeded 100,000 units, and heavy truck exports of more than 110,000 units in the last 5 years.

The company has also achieved important milestones, with engine sales surpassing 100,000 units and heavy truck exports exceeding 110,000 units in nearly five years, placing it at the forefront among Chinese brands. Collaboration with MNC Group During the conference, Shandong Heavy Industry officially signed an agreement with MNC Group through its subsidiary, MNC Leasing.

This synergy is a step to strengthen business and manufacturing growth in Southeast Asia. The New Product Exhibition was held in conjunction with the Global Partner Conference, with more than ten subsidiaries. They display flagship products such as large trucks, electric buses, agricultural equipment and powertrains exhibited with the latest technology, as one of the company's contributions as a world-class heavy equipment industry player

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