MNC Kapital Held Motion...
Fri, 06/04/2021

MNC Kapital Held MotionBanking Launching and MotionPay Rebranding Ceremony, JAKARTA

Jakarta, 3 June 2021 – Within less than two weeks, PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk (“BABP” or “MNC Bank”), a subsidiary of PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (“BCAP” or “MNC Kapital”), launched its digital banking application under the name MotionBanking. At the same occasion, PT MNC Teknologi Nusantara (“MTN”) rebranded its e-money, e-wallet, and digital remittance app, SPIN, to become MotionPay. The interconnectedness of both names is a strategic decision made by MNC Kapital to maximize market penetration and promotion, aligned with the digital integration under BCAP.

MotionBanking and MotionPay are the two featured digital products that will be the backbones for MNC Kapital’s growth.

MotionBanking is the digital banking app by MNC Bank to bring banking services closer to customers. With a digital onboarding license, MotionBanking is designed as an integrated banking app, that offers complete services from savings, transfers, payments, to credit cards, along with convenient UI/UX such as biometric login, real-time notifications, and others.

The rebranding of MotionPay is in line with the digital financial transformation of MNC Group. MotionPay will embed all its functions (QRIS, e-money, e-wallet, and digital remittance) into the MotionBanking application and present a complete and wholly integrated digital financial solution.

The e-wallet, e-money, and digital transfer application provides fast and easy cashless transaction services via smartphones. In addition, MotionPay also makes it easier for users to pay bills, top-up credit or data packages, as well as transact at both online and offline QRIS merchants across the country.

Additionally, MotionPay users will receive rewards in the form of MotionPoints for every transaction done through the app. MotionPoints can be exchanged for various attractive offers as well as become an additional source of fund. In the near future, MotionPay will collaborate its services with third-party partners to increase application usage. 

Collaboration with Other Fintech

MotionBanking will implement the concept of Open Banking and Open API to provide seamless integration both internally and externally to MNC Group's ecosystem, enriching its users with various digital products in the market. This will enable MotionBanking to open its doors towards third-party developers and be integrated into other digital platforms, such as marketplaces, fintech, online ride-hailing, and others.

“MotionBanking is being developed into a financial management platform for different generations, utilizing artificial intelligence and personalization capabilities. We are constantly innovating to simplify and upgrade our customers’ banking experience. The development of digital banking in Indonesia has snowballed in the last 2 years, and MotionBanking is created to be a versatile digital banking app to win the market competition. We are confident that with the support of MNC Group's strong presence in Indonesia, MotionBanking will be the market leader in digital banking.”
Teddy Tee, COO of MotionBanking

Apart from the launch of MotionBanking and MotionPay rebranding, in this press conference, MNC Bank and MTN also signed agreements with MNC Group’s media arm as well as third parties to create further synergies. The agreements indicate MNC Bank's seriousness in developing MotionBanking as the center of MNC Financial Services growth.

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