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Fri, 03/12/2021

MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia Launches Hajj Financing SIAP HAJI, JAKARTA

JAKARTA – Business Unit that fully owned by PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk (BCAP), PT MNC Guna Usaha Indonesia (MNCGUI) is targeting new potential customers by launching SIAP Haji, an innovative web-based Islamic financing that provides convenience for Moslem community in Indonesia to register and earn hajj portion number.

Indonesia, as a country with the largest Moslem population, is one of the countries with the largest hajj quota, as many as 221,000 in 2020. However, due to high public demand for go to Holy Land, this quota is insufficient, with some areas queuing up to 40 years.

There are around 600 thousand new pilgrims register for Hajj every year. The long waiting period for hajj pilgrimage opens opportunities for MNCGUI to enter into retail financing and develop its sharia business units.

Through SIAP Haji, MNCGUI is targeting to finance more than 100,000 prospective pilgrims within the next five years, excluding Umrah financing. SIAP Hajj has received a recommendation from Sharia Supervisory Board (Dewan Pengawas Syariah) which has been certified by National Sharia Board (Dewan Syariah Nasional)and follow sharia principles in implementing hajj financing.

"Hajj financing is a type of financing with very low inherent risk. The registration fee can be returned 100% to MNCGUI if the customer canceled the portion. For customers, this program is a short cut to get a queue hajj portion number, so this program is mutually beneficial for both parties, "explained MNCGUI President Director Paulus Cholot Janala, Friday (12/3/2021). 

"MNCGUI is developing its sharia business unit to cover more segments, this financing is our first step to enter into B to C, direct to customer financing, out of our comfort zone in B to B financing," continued Paulus Cholot Janala.
Besides SIAP Hajj, MNCGUI is also preparing SIAP Umrah as a sharia financing product. The product, which is planned to be launched in Q2 2021, has a wider target market because Moslem community regards Umrah as alternate pilgrimage to the Holy Land, due to long hajj queues. Millions of Indonesian Moslems visit Mecca for Umrah pilgrimage every year.

Furthermore, SIAP Hajj and SIAP Umrah will become part of SIAP, a financing application that is being developed by the Company. Besides these two products, SIAP will be completed with various financing products in collaboration with MNC Finance, such as SIAP Dana Rumah, a safe home refinancing product with Property Rights Certificate (SHM) as collateral from MNC Finance for working capital, multipurpose and investment financing; also SIAP Dana Mobil, a car refinancing financing product with Vehicle Ownership Certificate (BPKB) as collateral which fast and easy financing solution. All features in the SIAP application are targeted to be launched in Q2 2021.

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